Sandy Wool Lake

Located in the hills of Milpitas, Sandy Wool Lake is one of the very few remaining lakes still stocked with trout by the DFG in the South Bay. As such, the lake gets a ton of pressure and can be very crowded, especially after fish plants.

About the Lake

Sandy Wool is more of a pond than anything else. The main attraction here are the trout plants - after the stocking truck makes its visits, the trout fishing is quite decent and the fishermen who get there quickly get to take home a stringer of fish. After a few days, however, it’ll feel like you’re fishing a warm, murky bathtub. People do well here with dough baits as well as Kastmasters. I’ve personally had a lot of luck throwing nightcrawlers. My experience is that the trout usually are not far from shore - most fishermen here don’t seem to realize that though.

There are also a few resident bass and carp. I haven’t seen many people going for them though.

There are many cormorants and large birds here. Fishermen here often gripe over the birds catching and gulping down many of the precious trout planted by the DFG. It does seem like the trout disappear pretty quickly here, although it might just be due to how many fishermen pull up with lawn chairs after a plant.

There also is a kids’ fishing pond down the road which used to get stocked back in the day, but people still catch some big carp.


The lake is located inside Ed Levin County Park. A vehicle entry fee is charged, at the time this article was written $6.

There is a dog park next to the lake. Many people go paragliding off the hills that form the backdrop of Sandy Wool Lake.

Official website: Santa Clara County

Created by Dorian Chan