Lafayette Reservoir

Located about halfway between Berkeley and Concord, Lafayette Reservoir is one of the best fishing holes in the East Bay. The lake is not huge, so it can get crowded, unfortunately.

About the Lake

Lafayette Reservoir is shaped like one big fish. One thing about Lafayette Reservoir is that it has a huge number of tules. They’re everywhere - that means great fish habitat. There is still decent shoreline access with numerous docks that allow for comfortable fishing.

Lafayette offers pretty decent bassing - the lake churns out some pretty big fish. With a lot of weeds and tules, the fish get big, fast. Especially during the summer months, try and use weedless setups, to avoid getting tangled up in the plants. Pitching soft plastics and jigs by the reeds always seems to do well.

The DFG and EBMUD also stock trout in the reservoir. Try fishing off the docks using Powerbait and Kastmasters. Fisherman also have decent success here trolling crankbaits.

The water by the dam gets fairly deep, so try fishing off a boat there, especially during the hot summer months. Catfish also get stocked during July and August, so throw stinkbaits, chicken livers, and worms.

There is a decent panfish population here as well. Lafayette Reservoir used to be one of the only lakes in the state with yellow perch. However, the population seems to have died off in recent years, so catching one is a rare occurrence.


The marina here rents kayaks, paddle boats, rowboats, and motorboats. It can get pricey, unfortunately, but it is a welcome respite on hot days.

Lafayette Reservoir also boasts decent pet-friendly trails that circumnavigate the decently attractive lake. Bikes are only allowed a couple days a week, which makes for relaxing walks.

Official website: EBMUD

Created by Dorian Chan