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Dear Readers,

Welcome to Fishoak, and thanks for visiting! My name is Dorian, and I'm currently a student at UC Berkeley studing Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I made this website because a lot of the online resources for fishing in the Bay Area, like ichthy.com, are kind of old. I hope you enjoy this site!

I was born and raised in San Jose, and I've spent a decent amount of time hitting up local lakes. I don't claim to be an expert, so please email me if you have any suggestions!

I'm a pretty avid fisherman, although not an amazing one. I love reading fishing books - I highly recommend Tom Stienstra's California Fishing. A book that's slightly harder to find is San Francisco Bay Areas Fishing Guide by Ray Rychnovsky. It's slightly outdated unfortunately, but it's still quite a nice book because it goes over a lot of Bay Area fishing holes.

The waters I've probably fished the most around here are Loch Lomond and Los Gatos Creek. However, since moving up here to Berkeley, I've also gotten the chance to fish Lafayette Reservoir, Lake Anza, and the Berkeley Marina often, and I plan to hit San Pablo soon!

My favorite lures/baits are Kastmasters, plastic lizards, poppers, and of course the classic nightcrawler! I primarily fish for bass and trout, but bluegill can also be fun!

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